With Flying Colours

Pre-flight checklist

Airline staff and ad agency creatives don’t have a lot in common. Aircrews wear their designer uniforms with pride; creatives would rather try to bathe a cat than dress up. Flight attendants love people; creatives need to be locked in cages when clients come to visit. Pilots are calm; ECDs are psychotic.

But they do share one thing: They’re both paid to have their heads in the clouds!

You’ll be pleased to know that we kept all terrible jokes to ourselves when the phone rang back in November of 2016 and Singapore Airlines (SQ to their mates) was on the other end. There are only nine airlines in the entire world with a Certified 5-Star Airline Rating, and Singapore is one of them. They’re also the current holder of Skytrax’s Best Airline in Asia title. Professionalism was the order of the day.

As part of a joint project with the Singapore Tourism Board, they wanted to create an awareness campaign for their Singapore Stopover Holiday product (SSH), a travel package for people transiting through Asia’s Garden City on their way somewhere else (probably colder). The tickets were a great deal because they came with a whole truckload* of attraction tickets, food vouchers, and hotel discounts. But the product still needed to gain some serious market traction. SQ wanted an online competition that would both educate, and be powerful enough to collect user data. Because they’d never tried anything like this before, they set a rough goal of 1,000 entrants.

* Truck may or may not have been very small.

Up and Away

We’re all about the KISS principle here, so we sent Kevin the Intern for Salad Sandwiches and sat down to devise a strategy that would keep things super simple. We worked through several iterations of the campaign before we settled on something that everyone was excited about. Because we knew we needed to draw the shortest possible line between engagement and competition entry, we came up with a straightforward but addictive matching-pairs game that would let players race against the clock — and each other.

It sounds pretty typical, but there was an important difference between our game and others. It used the features of the SSH as the content of the memory tiles. This way, the more times a player tried to get the best score, the more educated they became and, obviously, the more they’d find themselves irresistibly drawn towards Singapore as the perfect place to indulge in a quick spot of orchid gazing before taking off on the next leg of their journey.

At the end of each round played, the game displayed the player’s score and encouraged them to enter their details for a chance to win. If they wanted to, players could also delve deeper into the microsite to discover all of the cool experiences waiting for them in Singapore.

Landing It

In the end, our game collected its full quota of participants in under a day, with 1198 unique entries in the first 24 hours. Then it went absolutely gangbusters. Within a week the game had attracted over 5,000 entries and was showing no signs of slowing down.

By the end of the campaign, the microsite had generated a massive 77,646 entries, 18,718 of them unique, for an average of 4.2 entries per player! Average session duration was almost seven minutes, which suggested some serious engagement with the content. All up, unique visitors spent 2,696 hours on the site! It was a phenomenal outcome.

When we delivered the results to SQ, they were thrilled. They couldn’t believe how well the campaign had gone, exceeding their target for sales leads more than 18 times over.

Working with Singapore Airlines was a fantastic experience for United Yeah. The campaign was a great success for sure, but it was also helped us forge a rewarding new partnership. It’s been a true pleasure to deliver something we’re so passionate about for a brand we have so much respect for.

SQ was impressed with us too. Know how we can tell? When they called us recently to pass on some positive campaign feedback from their head office, we finally decided to try out one of our airline jokes on them.

And guess what? They still like us!


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